An Inclusive Enabler for everyone to enter the Digital Economy.

Brief Introduction

A resourceful utility token to exchange value or pay for operational services.

Core Token is a utility token connecting Blockchain to governments, education (schools, universities, etc.), businesses, and the public. Core Token can also be used to facilitate payments, exchange of value, and service payments in the Core Group services suite and use cases.

Core Token is the facilitator between decentralized applications and centralized applications to support all use cases, 3rd party applications, and cloud platforms. Built on the philosophy of equal opportunity for an all-inclusive global economy and socio-economic services for all. The Core Token platform allows everyone, no matter their geographical location and/or their economic status to enjoy the advantages of the decentralized Blockchain-based platforms in their day-to-day lives.

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Core Token Applications

Smart Contracts

Core Token is the proprietary smart contract platform built on the Core Blockchain network using the Ylem Smart Contract programming language. Built with Comet Software to initiate a built-in fully fledged Turing-complete language to deploy, develop Ðapps, and test on local testnet. To read more about the smart contract platform please download the Core Token Presentation. Core Token uses the Core Blockchain Wallets with ICAN addresses that support error detection and financial standards.


Core Token can be used for peer-to-peer payments as well as all the Core Group services rendered in its applications, which are built on the Core Blockchain. Being the facilitator of services, Core Token has a unique algorithm calculator measured through participation and effort that provides an income on all Core Group Services as well as Wallace, TiNG, TokToKey, and more. This is unique to Core Token which provides an equal opportunity and income measured through skills and participation through the amount of effort within the Core Group service reach to spread the wealth and support everyone.

API / Oracle Connectors

Core Token is the custodian of API Connectors to Core Blockchain Network Oracles, Core Group Services, and use cases, making it the driver of value of Core Token as it is the primary means of payment for these services. The Oracle connectors communicate and interact through Ylem Smart Contracts between current established applications, all modern Blockchain systems, and cloud platforms.

Validation & Verification

Core Token is powering CorePass, a Blockchain-based Decentralized Digital Identity, allowing for execution, the transmittance of data, and the verification of records. CorePass ensures that digital identities are secure, tracked, traced, and tamper-proof. Any unique verification requires a Core Token Smart Contract and Core Tokens as payment for identification and verification. These verifications include humans, organizations & companies, objects, assets, smart devices, and robots.


Core Token uses programmable Smart Contracts to operate on decentralized applications backed by Blockchain while respecting the current legal structures and financial regulations. Core Token facilitates the transfer of ownership of anything of value through any exchange, primarily Ping Exchange, and any other decentralized/centralized/hybrid exchanges. The Core DeFi platform services the full asset management spectrum including insurance all linked to an entire Blockchain-based supply chain, accounting, and ERP platform.


Core Token’s diverse ecosystem provides an interoperable platform for Blockchain, cross-chain, and sidechain projects, with different Blockchain protocols to serve applications deployed for Web3. Core Token’s secure and custom integration mechanism for interoperable Blockchain applications is leveraged to adopt any cloud and/or 3rd-party Blockchain protocol.

Latest News

Why Core Token?

Core Token is the enabler to an entire tokenized world revolutionizing shareholding and right of choice along with ownership and control, truly decentralizing everything around us.

Core Token will be used as payment, facilitator, initiator, verification, and executor in all services that are implemented into the Core Group as well as Core Group Use Cases.

Core Token is released with several of its applications already active. The vast number of applications and use cases creates a natural high demand from the date of release increasing the value through the limited supply of the Ͼ 1,000,000,000 Core Tokens.

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